We are Christina and Koula, two sisters whose lives completely changed when Koula, was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2017 at the age of 36. Being a mom to a 2 and 4 year old and battling cancer seemed impossible. Our family pulled together, helping in any way possible to ease Koula’s load so she could focus on her biggest battle!

One day, after her chemo days were behind her, we were, discussing how important family was and how lucky she was to have us, her family, there every step of the way!

Then we starting thinking about how all the moms going through cancer and treatments but that had no support system.

It was then and there that the warrior box was founded! A care package sent to a mom’s door, with the only purpose to ease her pain and giver her hope! We focus on inspirational and  natural products carefully selected by a cancer survivor.

Health above all!

Inspiration behind The Warrior Box

Throughout the chemotherapy we would have long conversations about how blessed and grateful we were to be able to come together as a family. Being a part of many online support groups we knew that this wasn’t the reality for many moms battling cancer. In fact, many moms fighting cancer, were single moms, with no or minimal outside help.  It was over breakfast one day, that we thought to ourselves how great it would be able to send out care packages to moms battling cancer, that would be useful. Items that we ourselves discovered along our own journey that truly provided some soothing, some comfort or simply some inspiration to keep fighting.

 Our Story

At the age of 36, Our co-founder, Koula Rizakos, was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. But Koula was far from lacking in a support system. It was a marvel how quickly we all came together as a family.

During her treatments, her loving sister and business partner, Christina, helped relieve some of her everyday pressures by taking over their daycare business; and even with this added responsibility, Christina would run from store to store on the daily, adamant about finding items and health products that would ease the surgery and soothe the chemo side effects, even in the slightest.

Koula and Christina’s mother was also a Godsend. After every treatment, mom would live with Koula for days, helping to cook, clean, and take care of her two kids. Her husband, , was also there for anything and everything she needed, from keeping track of/driving her to her appointments to regulating and administering her medications.

“My family was one huge support system for me. They are the reason I didn’t quit. They eased my load so that I could focus on fighting. I was told over and over by other cancer-fighting women how lucky I was to have such an engine behind me—that some of these warrior moms fight alone without the help of family members. Some are single moms, too. I couldn’t imagine what I would do without my family.”

And so, in recognition of all of these brave women who’ve had to fight alone, the Warrior Box was born—a box filled with items that alleviate the everyday pressures of a cancer-fighting mom.

Our Mission

Providing comfort, love, and support for the Warrior Mom

Cancer fighting or not, a mom never stops being a mom. We believe that being a mom is the most demanding job on the planet. Being a mom and battling cancer? Well, that’s a whole new level of busy.

The Warrior Box’s mission is to create care packages that will provide comfort, inspiration, and support to moms battling their biggest fight. Flowers may lift a person’s spirits for a day or two, but the truth is that a bouquet of roses isn’t what a mom really needs. Our care packages are filled with items that will help lessen a mom’s load and that are useful to moms undergoing treatments.

And that’s not the best of it. We want all moms to feel supported by a community that gets it. Each care package arrives with access to a support group that your warrior mom can join (cancer or no cancer, every mom has the right to vent!).

A Message from Co-Founder Koula Rizakos

Even though I had such a huge support system, I felt alone in my fight. I joined many Facebook groups, and I am so grateful I did because I formed amazing friendships in those groups; it’s different to hear words of encouragement from fellow daughters and survivors. Their words touched my soul more than most.

But there were times I didn’t feel right to vent. I was a young mom fighting the big fight, so I had particular needs. I still had to be a mom. I still had to raise two little humans. There were days where the mommy guilt was so high, I couldn’t breathe, and I just didn’t feel comfortable expressing that to group members who weren’t necessarily going through the same struggles. I knew that I, along with so many others, needed to be part of a group dedicated to moms supporting moms. And so, the @MomsBattlingCancer Facebook page was (proudly) formed.

Join me and other Warrior Moms!