Episode 4: “How to minimize chemotherapy side effects.”

Published: Nov. 28, 2019

We’re talking to Adelina Manccini an herbalist and aromatherapist and owner of a toxin free online shop BUBBLESHOP. Hear what she has to say about treating chemo side effects naturally. Adelina gives us quick tips on what toxic ingredients to avoid in general, especially during chemotherapy. This episode is all about herbs, botanicals and other natural products that are a safer alternative. Find out how Adelina’s body soap was an essential item (lifesaver) for me while I was going through chemo. It stopped my skin from itching and its lemongrass scent helped with “chemo brain”, two very common cancer drug side effects. This episode will definitely make you think of starting to read the labels at the grocery store if you’re not doing it already. Find the body soap and other essential items during chemotherapy here https://www.thewarriorbox.com/

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