Can meditation help with anxiety, insomnia, depression during or after a cancer diagnosis?”

Published: Dec. 05, 2019
The Warrior Box interviews Loving Meditations

What a pleasure to be joined by Tamara Green and David Dachinger, the creators of The Loving Meditations app and authors of Live Calm with Cancer (and Beyond).

Having been affected by cancer, David and Tamara share some personal moments of their journey and how they were able to navigate the choppy waters of a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

The outcome of their cancer experience resulted in the creations of Loving Meditations. A meditation app and tool created to help decrease stress, depression, severe anxiety that every single cancer survivor can sureley attest is very real and very present in their mind, body and soul.

Living with the “What ifs” is definitely a constant struggle.

I wanted to bring this tool to our listeners. You know who you are! I’m talking to all those Warrior Moms, like myself, who have way too many things on their plate, to even consider adding something new, like meditation, to it. HOLD ON MAMAS !
I am serious, I gave this a two minute try and I fell in love. For real 🙂

Listen to the episode and decide for yourself!

Tamara and David have even added a 50% discount link just for our listeners.  HOW GREAT. You have nothing to lose. The entire year will cost you about 10$ US…
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Tamara and David are also giving our listeners access to the first chapter of their audio book for free.
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