The Basic Box

Practical items moms will be grateful for!

Moms battling cancer are still moms, meaning they’ll (stubbornly) prioritize their family’s needs above their own.

The Basic Box isn’t about glamour—it’s about practicality. Each and every item has been handpicked to help you or a loved one cope with chemo symptoms, like brain fog, nausea, and metal mouth, so that you can begin to feel a little like you again.   

What’s in my box?

The Warrior Box

Natural, Toxin-Free Toothpaste:

Chemo does a number on your teeth and mouth, from mouth sores to bleeding gums—also, your taste buds are off, so most scents are irritating. Regular toothpaste is filled with non-natural ingredients and strong odours, which not only further damages your teeth and gums, but also doesn’t help the metal taste in your mouth. Recommended by oncologists, a toothpaste made with natural, gentle ingredients is just what my mouth needed!

Soft Bristle Toothbrush

During chemo, it’s normal to have ultra sensitive gums. You’ll experience bleeding from time to time, which can be both painful and, well, a little nasty. A soft bristle toothbrush might sound like nothing, but it’ll hands down be one of the most useful, appreciated items for any mom who’s on day-to-day survival mode.

Custom Hand-Crafted Natural Body Soap:

La piece de resistance! Our natural, hand-made soap named Awaken is a true homage to its name, and here’s why: During treatments, I would lock myself away in the bathroom and stand under the running water for hours trying to block out outside noises. It was my way of dealing with my foggy chemo brain. But something happened the first time I took in the smell of this soap: My chest opened up and I was able to centre myself…no fog. It really did awaken me. Every day, I couldn’t wait to jump back in the shower and breathe in its energizing lemongrass, bergamot, and rosewood notes. My sister’s mission was to find a soap that didn’t trigger my nausea and, of course, had natural ingredients. We were lucky to come across a local boutique company, who had it specially made for us!

Water Bottle:

Hydration, hydration, hydration! We often underestimate the importance of this, but as you go through chemo, you’ll notice that drinking lots of water makes a world of difference. But our custom-designed water bottle isn’t just a hydration reminder. It comes with a heartening message: You’ve got this. With this handy item, hydration and inspiration go hand in hand.

Perky Pill Box:

It’s time you feel more like yourself and less like a chemo patient. Not only does chemo strip away your independence as a mom, but it also makes you feel less like a woman. Our custom pill box is pretty and practical, keeping all your pills in one place and, very importantly, adding a much-needed touch of femininity to your day-to-day life. Inspiring you with Hope written across the front, your pretty little box is no longer just what the doctor ordered—we’ve turned it into a beautiful reminder that, once again, you’ve got this.

Organic Peppermint Candy:

Behold—the miracle candy for chemo patients! Organic peppermint candy accompanied me to every treatment. It’s not just an effective anti-nausea, but it helps rid your mouth of that awful metal taste. I’d go through three or four rolls of candy a day!

Quick-Dry Tray:

Yes! Quick-dry tray! Use it to make sure your body
soap dries quickly making it last longer.

BONUS:-This fast absorbing tray can also be used as a coaster.



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